CorpFlex Account Registration

CorpFlex is for offices/groups with multiple notaries that will all be connected via an account manager. The notaries will not be charged any account or signing fees.

Your subscription includes:

  • Unlimited Notaries/Seats - $10.00/mo each
  • Secure storage of notaries digital stamps and signatures
  • 24x7 access to your notarization platform
  • Management of your users. Invite, approve, remove

As the account manager, you will pay $10/mo for each notary, and a per/ mo fee for the number of notarizations that your notaries complete. If you go over your number, don't worry, you will be charged $4.99 for each notarization.

* has partnered with Identrust, where your notaries will be required to purchase their secure digital certificate (prices vary from $59-$139 depending on the length of term). The digital certificate is a requirement in addition to the EverythingLegal subscription costs. The digital certificate is used to create tamper-proof documents after they've been signed.

Create an account

Create your account as a CorpFlex Manager.

You will not be charged until you add notaries to your account